Successor to The Astrological Magazine

(Inspired by Dr. B. V. Raman’s work in Astrology)

Editor : Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Modern Astrology is a monthly devoted to Jyotisha or astrology. Modern Astrology strives to present astrology in its pristine form as a subject of serious academic study and research. Its main objective is to place before the modern scientific and enlightened world, facts which would go a long way in proving the utility of astrology as a practical science. Modern Astrology will, as its predecessor, continue to adhere to the guidelines set by Dr. Raman in the annals of astrological journalism towards the proper propagation of astrology. Modern Astrology continues Dr. B. V. Raman’s efforts to revive and rejuvenate the study of astrology as an academic subject.

Every Issue Contains (Tentative):

Brilliant Editorials by Gayatri Devi Vasudev on current affairs, political developments and topical matters.

Scholarly Articles on different aspects of astrology of Parasari , Jaimini and Tajaka systems.

Monthly Forecast for the 12 signs on general matters, good and bad dates, health and domestic life, career and finance;  also for students and women based on canons of Indian astrology.

Features include :

As Above, So Below: Astrological comments and round up of interesting events and happenings.

Astrological Miscellany: Unusual and interesting events like birth, marriage, sport, career, art, farming, weather, animals and anything that occur in day-to-day life discussed astrologically.

World: The Month-Ahead: Forecast on what awaits India, U.S.A. Europe, China and Asian and other countries.

Ahi’s Irregular Column: Notes from My Dairy.

Astrology at Work , Planets and Your Problems:  Career counseling on problems of all kinds — job opportunities,  the best line of education and future career, transfers, penal action, suspension tribulations, post-retirement guidance etc. Also on on family problems relating to marital hassles,  marriage, late marriage, unconventional love marriage, marriages for greed, single women, after-marriage problems, divorce, second marriage, single parenting, children, test-tube babies etc.

Panchanga for the Month: With  starting moments of weekday, lunar  day, Nakshatra, Karanas etc.

Daily Planner: Helps you plan your day and activities.